VETKOSOL ORAL is a well-balanced combination of yeast extract, B-vitamins, organic acids and minerals.

Yeast extract improves the digestion of feed and is rich in amino acids with a high nutritional value due to its optimal amino acid profile. In addition, yeast extract is also rich in B-vitamin, which are important for carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism.

Fast growing animals have a high requirement for both amino-acids and B-vitamins, which makes VETKOSOL ORAL a very suitable supplement.

Organic acids reduce the pH in the gastro-intestinal tract, improve digestion of feed as well as the gut health.

Minerals are essential for the proper operation of many physiological functions. The combination of yeast, B-vitamins, organic acids and minerals makes VETKOSOL ORAL a very effective product to stimulate growth and stimulates the immune system.




Contains per ml:

Yeast extract                                                            60        mg

Vitamin B1, thiamin hydrochloride                       3         mg

Vitamin B2, riboflavin                                               6        mg

Vitamin B6, pyridoxine hydrochloride                  4         mg

Citric acid                                                                 16         mg

Malic acid                                                                    3        mg

Phosphoric acid                                                       13.6     mg

Tartaric acid                                                               3         mg

Copper sulphate                                                      20        mg

Potassium chloride                                                   0.40    mg



VETKOSOL ORAL is a balanced combination of yeast extract with B vitamins, organic acids and minerals.

- It stimulates growth.

- It boosts the immune system.

- The yeast is rich in amino acids and B-vitamins and is improving the digestion of feed.

- The organic acids reduce the pH in the gastro-intestinal tract and improve gut health as well as the digestion of feed.






For oral administration via drinking water. Shake well before use.

Poultry, calves, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs :  1 liter per 2,000 – 4,000 liters of drinking water for 3 – 5 consecutive days.

Mixed with drinking water, use the product within 24 hours.






Store in a dry and dark place between 8 °C and 25 °C.

Store in closed packing.

Keep away from children.



1 liter bottle (12 bottles per box).

5 liter can (2 cans per box).