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VETKO is a dynamic Dutch company that manufactures and sells premium high quality veterinary pharmaceutical products and nutritionals at affordable prices. Vetko’s products are sold to farmers all over the world to guarantee the health and welfare of the animals and farmers.

From our facilities located in Apeldoorn in the center of The Netherlands, we serve our customers worldwide in providing them with high quality veterinary medicines, feed additives and premixes which are manufactured according to the European GMP and GMP+ Guidelines.

To meet our client’s expectations, we offer customized labeling and legitimate registration of every veterinary product, complying with national rules and regulations.


All Vetko products are manufactured in the EU and are subjected to various stringent quality check standards of the Dutch Authority by our quality department to ensure they are safe and effective before they are released by our qualified person (QP) to the market. 

Our registration department is working closely with our distributors to provide them with all the required technical and quality dossiers to register our products in their countries. 

We believe in commitment towards our partners worldwide and strive on building sustainable, trustable, and long-term alliances with our Distributors.



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