VETKO TOX-PLUS ORAL is an oral solution containing a blend of organic acids helps neutralize all known mycotoxins and stimulate the immune system. Sodium propionate prevents microbes from generating the energy they need thus causing a decrease in pathogenic bacterial growth (including E coli &Salmonella) in the intestines. The acids in the formulation ensure a low gastrointestinal pH which improves metabolic activity, increasing feed conversion and growth performance in chicken by supporting endogenous enzymes and inhibiting pathogenic bacterial growth. VETKO TOX-PLUS ORAL improves the digestion, uptake of nutrients and optimizes intestinal microbial flora. Theanti-oxidant effect helps to build up the immune system.



Contains per ml:

Formic Acid 85% (E236)                    45    g
Acetic acid  80%  (E260)                  180    g
Propionic acid                                  400    g



VETKO TOX-PLUS ORAL is used for the prevention of aflatoxicosis; pathogen population; multiple mycotoxicosis, ochratoxicosis; fungal contamination and stress on the liver; immune stress; pathogens in drinking water and it's considering as an effective alternative for antibiotic growth promoters to achieve the target performances in poultry. Using VETKO TOX-PLUS ORAL, antibiotic residues can be minimized or avoided to reduce the risk of bacterial resistance to antibiotics and undesired antibiotic residues in products from animal origin. VETKO TOX-PLUS ORAL can be used to prevent bacterial diseases in poultry, like E coli and Salmonella infections. Because of the acidic effect, it can also be of use during diseases or in the treatment of animals recovering from disease. VETKO TOX-PLUS ORAL reduces the contamination of water, improves growth performance and reduces pathogenic gut micro-organisms. Furthermore, VETKO TOX-PLUS ORAL enhances the digestibility of proteins and thereby improves feed conversion in poultry (broilers, breeders, layers).



For oral administration via feed or drinking water.
Poultry                                   : 100 ml per 200 liters of drinking water.
Spray on feed 1 liter/ 1 ton of feed, the product should be used immediately.

Medicated drinking water should be used within 24 hours.

In case of increased or lowered water intake adjust the medication concentrations accordingly.




1 litter bottle (12 bottles per box).